Hospital Nursing Programs: Traditional Diploma

Three degree tracks to a nursing career remain popular and the diploma is one of them. Despite the decrease in nursing diploma programs, those still operational are booked solid with students. In fact the traditional nurse’s education was a diploma-styled hospital-based program.

How Is a Nursing Diploma Different?

A nursing diploma degree is usually a one to three-year course of study, depending upon the institution, which prepares a student nurse for entry-level nursing positions. Curriculum covers prerequisite courses prior to the start of the nursing coursework, the nursing-specific courses include:

  • clinical practice
  • basic pharmacology
  • nursing informatics
  • elements of patient care
  • introduction to patient care specialties
  • psych nursing
  • lifespan nursing concepts (infant, child, adult, family, geriatric)
  • psychology/sociology
  • and much more

Advantages to Diploma Program

Because a diploma program is hospital-based the emphasis in most cases is on patient or clinical practice and care. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for a school. You will spend a great deal of time working in a position as nurse or nursing assistant while you earn your degree.

A common misconception is that the nursing diploma is somehow subordinate to an Associates degree or doesn’t carry similar weight. Again the institution determines the scope of the study, from one to three years, but in most cases you are adequately prepared and urged to take the NCLEX licensure exam for your Registered Nurse license at the completion of the degree program. AND you’re ready to hit the ground running in a variety of patient care settings as a working and skillful RN.

Admission to a Hospital-Based Diploma Program

The Nursing Diploma programs all have admissions practices not too unlike those of a traditional school. You may visit, contact Admissions advisors, ask questions, and complete an application just like any other school.

Paying for a Nursing Diploma Program

The Admissions and Financial Aid personnel attached to your school will have information relative to the options they extend. Use whatever federal aid you can. Chances are good the school will have a few student loan options, and scholarships that you may apply for, both need- and merit-based.

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