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Find an Accredited Nursing School in Delaware for ASN, BSN, MSN or Post-Grad Studies

If you wanted to attend nursing school in Delaware you’d have 8 accredited schools from which to choose. But the degrees each offers could be limited. Technical and community colleges, for example, do not offer baccalaureate degrees and university nursing schools don’t offer Associates degrees for nurses. BUT there are programs for everyone.

Delaware’s Nursing Shortage

Delaware is currently finding innovative ways to offset the growing nursing shortage, one of which is recruiting minority nurses. The major metro areas and hospitals attract the most RNs, but there could be ample job opportunities for nurses in less trafficked medical facilities in smaller cities and in rural locations, as well. But the fact remains that hospitals remain in need of RNs, especially.

In the past the avenues to becoming an LPN or RN were narrow. But in response to an escalating shortage all states have had to rethink how prospective nurses may gain quicker and more convenient entry to the field.

One of the ways in which states are working to make the pathway to nursing easier is with the use of loan repayment or loan forgiveness programs.

  • Delaware’s State Loan Repayment Program is designed specifically as incentive to top-level and mid-level health practitioners, including Certified Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners. These Advanced Practice Nurses may earn up to $52,500 in exchange for 3 years working in a state-approved facility, usually medically underserved.
  • The Delaware Nursing Incentive Program is open to student nurses as well as working RNs with an Associates degree enrolling in a BSN program. Eligible applicants must be willing to work in a medically underserved state medical facility in order to earn loan forgiveness. For each year of work, a percentage of student loans are forgiven.

The Delaware Board of Nursing is a critical resource for all levels of nurses. Use it when you need information regarding:

  • Delaware nursing licensure for LPNs, RNs, and Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Scope of nursing practice
  • Approved state nursing schools and NCLEX pass rates
  • Current industry issues and news relevant to DE nurses
  • Continuing Education requirements for nurses
  • and more online and offline resources

Delaware nursing associations offer students and working RNs the opportunity for professional support, educational options, scholarships, and networking.

  • Delaware Nurses Association
  • Delaware Student Nurses’ Association
  • Delaware School Nurse Association

These are just a few of the organizations available to you.

List of Accredited Campus-Based Nursing Schools in Delaware

  • Beebe Medical Center
  • Delaware State University
  • Delaware Technical and Community College - Jack Owens Campus
  • Delaware Technical and Community College – Stanton Campus
  • Delaware Technical and Community College – Terry Campus
  • University of Delaware
  • Wesley College
  • Wilmington University

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