Nursing Careers, Specializations, and Strategies for Maximizing Your Job Potential

Careers for prospective nurses are diverse. Forget about pared down bedside nursing—it’s all about specialization and advanced degrees. 21st century nurses are more career-focused, forward-thinking, and innovative than ever and the rest of the Healthcare world is taking notice.

The nationwide nursing shortage has amplified nursing need:

  • Healthcare administrators are in dire need of experienced nurses willing to move upward into leadership and management positions. In upper offices, professional RNs have the opportunity to impart specialized patient care information, and collaborate with diverse teams to provide improved practices across the board.
  • As scores of mid-career nurses opt for retirement, Healthcare is vitally short of nurses everywhere. For this reason nursing schools have made marketable improvements in nursing degree programs, including the addition of online and blended degrees as well as accelerated degree pathways that make quick work of career changers.
  • New incentives, in some cases, are available to RNs interested in pursuing Nursing Education. Here is one of the most critical nuts and bolts of the nursing industry.

Explore Nursing Specialties

Besides these changes nursing has become quite specialized. Armed with a basic Associates or Bachelors in Nursing degree, new nurses eventually make conscious choices about area of practice, such as:

Fact is that a few of the most in-demand specialties put experienced nurses to work in settings far removed from a patient’s bedside:

Advanced Nursing Career Specialties

Advanced Practice Nurse specializations promise grad- and post-grad nurses the opportunity to practice independently of physicians in many states.

All of these APN specialties offer RNs diverse career pathways that could include private practice, collaborative practice with assorted healthcare professionals and jobs in facilities from urban to rural settings.

Hot Nursing Jobs

What about the “hot” nursing jobs? Are there nursing specialties that offer bigger bonuses, allow you to earn more per hour, or pack excitement and challenge?

Check out the following nursing career strategies and specialties:

Use this guide to explore deeply the various professional nursing specialties as a means to greasing a smooth educational pathway. You’ll find nursing school degree requirements listed, career options, job roles and salary information.

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