Nursing School Application Process: Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

Applying to any nursing school is a serious occasion. But the application process is strewn with potential pitfalls if not followed to the tee.

all of these is an important component in the admissions and application process. Even more imperative is this question you must ask of yourself:

Are you nursing school material?

Before you even apply to a school of nursing hopefully you’ve explored your inner desires to explore this career option in the first place.

  • Does nursing seem appealing to you?
  • What about it is attractive?
  • Do you like working with people?
  • What moments or events in your life have inspired your interest in nursing?
  • List the facts you know about the field.
  • List the pros and cons.
  • Write down your ideal nursing career. Does it match the school to which you’re applying?
  • Do you have advanced career and educational goals?
  • Do you know how much an RN earns each year?
  • What type of nurse do you want to be and why?

These are just a few of the self-assessment questions that might help you determine your actual interest in the field of nursing. Weigh them heavily. At its core nursing is about helping and caring for people, but that’s simplistic. As a professional in the field you work with people other than patients—family members, other health professionals, other nurses on your team, doctors. Sometimes the job gets very difficult. Nurses suffer burn-out and most are not as well paid as they should be considering the jobs they perform.

So if you’ve thought about all of these factors—the good and the bad—then you are prepared to get the other aspects of your application process in order.


Find out what’s required of you when filling out undergraduate and graduate applications for nursing school, including:

  • When to submit your application
  • What types of information you will need to include
  • Types of nursing school entrance exams you may be required to take
  • The importance of letters of reference


Putting your best foot forward on paper is one thing, but what happens when you’re invited to a nursing school interview? You going to show up wearing jeans and an tee-shirt? Need to know the types of questions they’ll ask of you?

Find out why this aspect of the application process could make or break your chances at your top nursing school choice.

Campus Visits

If you don’t “get” the reason why you need to visit a campus, invited or uninvited, then you’re missing part of the equation. What you love about a nursing school on a website or as you see it through the advertising “window” of a glossy brochure could be completely different when viewed up close and personal.

Learn why getting yourself onto a campus for even a brief few minutes could keep you from making a big mistake. Where to go, what to look for, and who to “bump into” while you’re there.

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