Student Nurse Stethoscopes, Cheap Nursing Textbooks and Other Important Equipment

Professional nurses have the right scrubs, killer stethoscopes, comfortable shoes and whatever other pieces of personal equipment and gadgetry may be essential for performing their jobs.

As a student nurse you’ll learn how to skillfully use the equipment in a nursing unit, but you’ll also become masterful with a stethoscope, blood pressure device, and you’ll look the part of a professional with your uniform. Use this part of the guide to find out what most nursing students are required to have in their possession before clinicals begin.

Student Nurse Stethoscope

If there’s one piece of equipment you will not want to leave home without it’s your stethoscope. In fact these tools are so critical a component of nursing and medicine in general that some nurses purposely avoid buying the really expensive ones because they know they risk theft on the job, unfortunately. But that simply means you don’t have to sink a hundred bucks into a stethoscope to have one that works properly.

Learn what 3 things are required of most nursing student stethoscopes before you lay out any cash.

Nursing School Uniforms

Once upon a time student nurses wore the traditional nurse attire. For women this would be all white dresses or skirt ensembles and white shoes. You’d also have worn the old-fashioned nurses cap. Thank your lucky stars that a more comfortable and contemporary uniform requirement has come to most nursing school guidelines.

Student nurses, for obvious reasons, must still wear clear insignia that they ARE in fact students—sew-on patch or school insignia printed on your uniform. As a student you have little option for uniform. Anticipate that your nursing school will give you strict guidelines for a student uniform required for all your clinical rotations. Combined with that will be guidelines for footwear, hairstyle, hygiene, and more. Student rebels are not held in high regard at this stage of the game and can be removed for uniform infractions.

Nursing Textbooks

One of the biggest equipment spends you’ll have in nursing school is in textbooks. You can’t function without them, but there are some strategies for getting them on the cheap. Find the tips and tricks to snag cheap and discounted nursing course books.

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