Student Nurses Associations

A fundamental aspect of student nursing is mentorship. You receive various levels of guidance and nurture from nurse educators and program instructors, from classmates even if you study online, and ideally from clinical supervisors once you get into the meat of any required clinical experience.

Unified mentorship and support comes from nursing associations and professional organizations. There are dozens of nurse associations, probably one for every niche specialty as well as the large national organizations, like the American Nurse’s Association (ANA).

Professional associations are positioned to provide a clear perspective on a whole or part of an industry—in this case nursing.

**One larger mission of student nurse associations is to conduct outreach work in local and national communities where prospective nursing students may be found.

Benefits of Student Nurse Associations: What Membership Buys You

Student nursing associations cater specifically to the needs of student nurses with information that includes:

Membership in large and reputable professional organizations is intended to give you an edge in your professional pursuits. Student nursing associations offer discounted membership fees to students for obvious reasons and promise to deliver materials unavailable to the outside world.

National Student Nurses’ Association

The NSNA is the largest U.S.-based student nurse association. The organization promotes the business of nursing to current nursing students, as well as disseminates information at large that is intended to spark the interest of future nursing students in all walks of life.

State Based Student Nursing Associations

Under the lead of the NSNA, you can find state-based student chapters that provide even more specific and intimate mentorship. Here are more opportunities for student nurses looking to get involved in grassroots projects. You’ll learn about job and career opps within your home state, licensure specifics, and meet other students you may even end up working alongside in practice.

National Student Nurses Association

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