Good Deals in Nursing Job Benefits

Job benefits are a featured part of a job interview simply because a nice set of bennies could make or break a prospective job candidate. For the most part benefits are the extras, the incentives designed to whet your appetite for a permanent nursing position.

Components of a nursing benefits package that provide additional monetary value:

  • Paid holidays
  • Paid vacation, often increases in length with tenure
  • Various shift differentials
  • Healthcare

Some of the more enticing aspects of a job benefits package:

  • Educational Assistance – Good recruiters and employers know that nurses who go back to school for additional degrees, certifications, or other educational enhancement, are valuable employees and committed to their careers. Why not provide assistance and help with making education a priority and a reality. It’s common for employers to provide educational assistance as part of their benefits package. This could come in the form of tuition reimbursement or grants or scholarships.
  • Bonuses – These are the heavy-hitters of the nursing benefits packages. New grads are quickly wooed with signing bonuses—those fat checks designed to reel em in when jobs are aplenty. Money talks. But other bonuses that you might hear about in a benefits package include annual or performance bonuses. Many hospitals and employers annually award nurses a cash bonus for incentive and as a way of expressing “thanks” in a job that is often thankless and tragically underpaid. Some hospitals also offer recruitment bonuses to nurses that are instrumental in referring a colleague or new grad that agrees to sign on. Truth is that sometimes the best job recruiters are employees.
  • Parking - as inane as this sounds, parking is a major migraine at many of the nation’s big hospitals and healthcare centers. It’s not uncommon for healthcare staff, including nurses to be expected to park blocks, even miles, away and travel by shuttle to the hospital proper. So if you have the opportunity to grab a benefits package with parking privileges then that might just be worth its weight in gold.
  • Fitness Centers – many hospitals provide employees with free or discounted use of onsite fitness centers. More and more have made employee health and wellness an integral part of their mission statements. If you’ve ever paid through the nose for use of a gym or commercial fitness center then you already know how valuable low-cost or even free access to one can be. Even better, most hospital based fitness and wellness centers offer innovative classes, and top-notch state of the art facilities.

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