Nursing Informatics Degrees and Programs

Information Management and Nursing marks an intersection of fields of study that merge in Nursing Informatics. If ever there was a need to call upon information specialists possessing intimate knowledge of the inner cogs of the nursing practice, that time is now. Large hospitals and healthcare institutions especially are squealing with the machinations of digitizing and linking massive electronic data sets together. Just one small component of this mass digital networking is electronic nurse charting.

Role of Nurse Informatics Professionals

The professional role of a Nurse Information Specialist is varied and dependent upon the particular place of employment. However the overall scope of the field includes:

  • Synthesizing electronic strategies with nursing practice
  • Assisting nursing departments and teams migrate to potentially confusing and complex electronic documentation
  • Collecting information and evaluating current systems in light of nursing practice
  • Assisting with the development of better information systems that dovetail sensibly and logically with the role of professional nurses
  • Working with outside healthcare businesses that must understand nursing procedures in order to provide adequate information products and services
  • Working within non-healthcare companies to devise more advanced communications technology for nursing and other healthcare professionals
  • Overall goal is to strengthen patient care through the thoughtful integration of information services and systems.

Since information technology and the potential for growing great electronic infrastructures is still loaded with possibility, it stands to reason that the exciting Nursing Informatics field is in constant flux.

Schools for Prospective RN Informatics

Prospective nurse informatics students have a variety of study options. Informatics programs exist at the graduate nursing level, post-grad, and professional level. Explore the Informatics programs from conventional nursing schools, university schools of nursing and from online nursing schools. This is a popular distance-based program, an option that affords ultimate convenience and flexibility for working professionals.

  • MSN Informatics programs bundle the general nursing Masters with a specialization in Informatics. This is a big program and provides candidates with all the necessary tools to secure a solid spot in this field. Program length is about 2 years.
  • Post-graduate Certificate in Informatics is suitable for RNs with a Masters degree in Nursing looking to expand their career options, possibly gather the necessary training to help with work place responsibilities they already have, or strengthen their commitment to contemporary and thoughtful nursing practice. Programs take a year or less to complete. Pre-requisites are a BSN and MSN.
  • Professional Certificate in Nurse Informatics is designed for RNs interested in gaining more knowledge of information systems as they apply to nursing. Appropriate program for career expansion.

Some Nursing Informatics programs have no previous nursing prerequisite, but the true purpose of the program is to mesh practical nursing work flow and care with new information systems. In reality the most effective NI professional will have some experience with bedside patient care and possess insight into the practical obstacles most nurses deal with daily.

Career Opportunities for Informatics RNs

As varied as are the roles for information nurses, so too are the potential job situations. Almost every type of healthcare facility today requires, or will soon require, the expertise of an RN with Information Systems savvy. You could find compelling work in hospitals, private practice offices, healthcare businesses, insurance companies, corporate environments, nursing homes and continued care facilities, corrections, public or community health organizations, and more.

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