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With the ever growing popularity of travel nursing, some are confused on what really is the job of traveling nurses. So what is travel nursing anyway? Well, in its simplest form, travel nursing refers to providing nursing services for a short term assignments to medical facilities that lack nurses.

With the shortage of nurses across the country, various hospitals and medical centers have introduced this alternative way that will answer the shortage issues. The assignments of traveling nurses are made through agencies that specialize in travel nursing.

The agency normally provides the nurse with top dollar paychecks as well as other very good benefits like housing and travel expenses, licensing assistance, and payroll services. The hospital temporarily fills the position and the traveling nurse gets paid above the market wages.

With this great option for nurses, they are given the opportunity to travel anywhere while still having to accomplish their nursing job.

In order for a travelling nurse to get good compensation, better assignments, and have a stable financial success, it is necessary to join a traveling nurses association. This association is comprised of members of the medical profession.

They will provide and protect the every need of a travel nurse, preventing them from being underpaid and all other unwanted cases. They shall be the one responsible for guaranteeing the welfare of every traveling nurse. Below are the basic roles of travelling nurse associations:

  • Provide travel information to nurses.
  • Provide information to nurses and health care professionals about their traveling assignments.
  • Provide job placement opportunities.
  • Offer substantial discounts for members at major hotels, car rental agencies, and resorts.
  • Provide members with a complete list of approved travel industry suppliers such as travel agents, airlines, vendors, and cruise ship companies.
  • Ensure that all nurses that are members of the association are licensed and registered.

The traveling nurses association generally follows the state’s Federal Regulations that requires hospitals that are certified to participate in Medicare to have sufficient number of licensed registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and other health personnel that are capable of providing nursing care to all patients whenever needed. This means that staffing of nurses is necessary and must be strictly done to meet the patient’s needs.

If you are a traveling nurse and wanted to get the best job and the location you want, let your traveling nurses association help you out. You can also do the smart move of finding a reputable travel nursing agency that will provide you exactly what you want.

Since it is a fact that travel nursing is a very competitive business and agencies do all the possible ways to make themselves known, it is not impossible to find and be on the job you want.

One way to get your dream travel nursing job is to ask for a recommendation to your colleague who has already worked a travel assignment. With the huge competition, it is an edge to get a good recommendation for an easy travel nursing job hunting.

Being a member of a big traveling nurses association, you will surely get instant access to the most powerful nursing job search database available in the internet. With just a click from your mouse, searching to find the best assignments that match your specialty will be at hand. Not just that, you are also guaranteed to get the advantage of excellent services and benefits that no other careers could offer you.

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