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Finding the Best Traveling Nurse Company

Travel nursing is a popular career option for nurses nowadays. It offers a minimum of 18 months to 2 years of clinical experience that most facilities prefer. This gives a chance for nurses to see new places as well as to work in new environments, far from the conventional set-up in hospitals.

Being a traveling nurse, you are given the opportunity to go wherever you wish to go while still practicing your profession. With this, you can expand your resume and be able to work at some of the country’s top medical facilities. You can freely choose jobs close to your home or anywhere across the country.

Normally, most travel assignments last 13 weeks though some traveling nurses company can customize the length of the assignments according to their needs. There are also other companies that offer short-term ands quick-start travel assignments, usually lasting from 4 to 8 weeks.

A good advantage to this kind of job is that, there are no annual contracts so you can work as many assignments as you like. This also means a stable financial income for you.

So how can you find the best traveling Nurses Company? It is true that one of prime factors that travel nurses look for is the high pay. However, it is not always the chance of getting better wages but it is also the opportunity to choose your benefits. This means that you should look more closely to individual companies and what they can offer you.

So what exactly are the benefits you expect from being a travel nurse? Here are some of the basic options you can find on various traveling nurses company and agencies:

  1. Favorable working hours and conditions – Of course it is no doubt that nurses and health care professionals are in demand. Many companies are offering them a time off as a motivation to work for them. Most companies do all the possible ways to keep working hours a reasonable level such as hiring travel nurses who can temporarily work for them. This means that there is less demand for overtime works, allowing nurses to have time for themselves, their personal activities, as well as their families. The aim is two fold – a give and take relationship. With this reward, companies are not only attracting potential nurses and keeping quality employees but also they realize that nurses can usually maximize their nursing tasks when they are handling reasonable hours of work with sufficient staffs to provide backups.
  2. The tangibles – As a travel nurse, not only you are offered with top dollars but you are also given the privilege of receiving several benefits which are not given to nurses before. Some rewards may seem small to some people but can become big time issues eventually. One example of this is direct deposit. This may seem just a small detail but as soon as you are getting your paycheck, for instance on a Thursday night but you failed to make the trip to the bank Friday and wind up with a check that hasn’t still been cashed out the following week.
  3. Part-time, situational and temporary jobs – If you are a nurse who meets situational criteria, there are companies out there which can offer you great job placement. If you don’t want to have the responsibility of a full-time job but want to work only a few weeks at a time, you are given lots of good options without working full-time. There are companies that provide placements to people like you. But be cautious to choose the reputable traveling nurses company. Be wary of signing a long-term contract that bounds your work with other companies.
  4. Education – If you want to be viable in the travel nursing marketplace, you may want to advance your education. You can make the wise move of getting some additional training to advance your career with education.
  5. Pay – Of courses nurses choose their field to help other people but it’s no question that money is attractive.
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Be Part of a Big Traveling Nurses Association

With the ever growing popularity of travel nursing, some are confused on what really is the job of traveling nurses. So what is travel nursing anyway? Well, in its simplest form, travel nursing refers to providing nursing services for a short term assignments to medical facilities that lack nurses.

With the shortage of nurses across the country, various hospitals and medical centers have introduced this alternative way that will answer the shortage issues. The assignments of traveling nurses are made through agencies that specialize in travel nursing.

The agency normally provides the nurse with top dollar paychecks as well as other very good benefits like housing and travel expenses, licensing assistance, and payroll services. The hospital temporarily fills the position and the traveling nurse gets paid above the market wages.

With this great option for nurses, they are given the opportunity to travel anywhere while still having to accomplish their nursing job.

In order for a travelling nurse to get good compensation, better assignments, and have a stable financial success, it is necessary to join a traveling nurses association. This association is comprised of members of the medical profession.

They will provide and protect the every need of a travel nurse, preventing them from being underpaid and all other unwanted cases. They shall be the one responsible for guaranteeing the welfare of every traveling nurse. Below are the basic roles of travelling nurse associations:

  • Provide travel information to nurses.
  • Provide information to nurses and health care professionals about their traveling assignments.
  • Provide job placement opportunities.
  • Offer substantial discounts for members at major hotels, car rental agencies, and resorts.
  • Provide members with a complete list of approved travel industry suppliers such as travel agents, airlines, vendors, and cruise ship companies.
  • Ensure that all nurses that are members of the association are licensed and registered.

The traveling nurses association generally follows the state’s Federal Regulations that requires hospitals that are certified to participate in Medicare to have sufficient number of licensed registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and other health personnel that are capable of providing nursing care to all patients whenever needed. This means that staffing of nurses is necessary and must be strictly done to meet the patient’s needs.

If you are a traveling nurse and wanted to get the best job and the location you want, let your traveling nurses association help you out. You can also do the smart move of finding a reputable travel nursing agency that will provide you exactly what you want.

Since it is a fact that travel nursing is a very competitive business and agencies do all the possible ways to make themselves known, it is not impossible to find and be on the job you want.

One way to get your dream travel nursing job is to ask for a recommendation to your colleague who has already worked a travel assignment. With the huge competition, it is an edge to get a good recommendation for an easy travel nursing job hunting.

Being a member of a big traveling nurses association, you will surely get instant access to the most powerful nursing job search database available in the internet. With just a click from your mouse, searching to find the best assignments that match your specialty will be at hand. Not just that, you are also guaranteed to get the advantage of excellent services and benefits that no other careers could offer you.

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Traveling Nurses Recruiters: Finding the Right Recruiter

Travel nursing is becoming one of the fastest growing professions nowadays. This is no surprise since this career offers good-sized pay while you are given the opportunity to travel and see new places while practicing your profession. If you are a licensed nurse who loves to travel and takes pleasure in new experiences, then this is the job that fits you.

Travel nursing allows you to stay on vacation for two to six months in free lavish accommodations while at the same time earning top dollars in hourly wages. But despite all these advantages, some travel nurses shied away from the traveling profession because of bad experiences to some traveling nurses recruiters like they are being underpaid or they have been deprived from benefits.

Also, many travel nurses have complained because of inadequate housing or recruiters who were not pro employees. This has resulted to nurses jumping from one recruiter or agency to another.

With this issue, it is important to choose the right traveling nurses recruiters that are willing to help nurses find their desired job locations, compensation, and good benefits. So how can you actually find the right travel nurse recruiter? Because recruiters and agencies are the keeper of the keys for travel nurses, they should be able to offer lucrative and exotic travel assignments.

Traveling nurses recruiters have contracted with healthcare facilities across the country to provide qualified and experienced nurses within their medical facilities. This normally lasts for a 13 week assignments. With many travel nurse positions to fill, recruiters are required to attract qualified nurses to fill these needs.

In this situation, since you are in demand, you will be offered with good benefits. With the tight competition among the travel nursing agencies, the perks are always upgraded so as to lure you and encourage you to work stay with them.

But you see, it is not just the benefits that are upgraded but more importantly the service that they are going to offer you. You play a great role for all traveling nurses recruiters. You are their lifeblood since without you, they will not exist.

So what are the vital factors to be considered in choosing traveling nurses recruiters? Well, first, it is important that you “hitch your wagon” to the winner. This is necessary since the travel company you choose will be your employer throughout your assignment.

So what is the edge of a winner? It is basically how they take care of you and assist you to all your needs. Do they listen to your personal ambitions and targets? Do they provide you with good options that you are exactly looking for?

When it comes to assessing traveling nurses recruiters and agencies, it is important to note that the real deal is on how they handle your concerns. Things just happened no matter how well you have planned your travel.

This is where you can measure up the dedication and concern of your recruiter – from handling your concerns to ensuring your welfare. This is the ultimate quality of a “keeper”. Make some background check to know the reputation of your prospect recruiter.

Ask those who have already gone thru this recruiter, ask the company for references from travelers who have already been with them, and ask how was their experience with them. How was the housing, basic expenses, or was the paycheck was timely? If the answers are all positive, then you have just found the traveling nurse recruiter that you need.

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The Nature Of Traveling Nurses

Nursing is the most prominent occupation in the health care profession nowadays, especially in numbers or practitioners. It is because nursing is the most sought after career for its nurturing nature and personalized approach. In these times, where everything is almost computer assisted, having nurses around to provide that utmost care needed when you are at your lowest is best. What more if you are in a remote place in your locality? If there will be traveling nurses around to provide just what you need to make everything in your body all right, isn’t that the best sight as of the moment?

Good thing that there are really traveling nurses nowadays providing the same important functions for ailing people in remote areas. These nurses also tend for those that are not able to go to hospitals and institutions downtown. They provide just the same caring and trained functions as when you go hospitalized. Some of the health practices they provide are:

  • Help mommies bring their babies into the world they belong as well as nurture both the mother and baby by providing details on how to take care of themselves.
  • They provide medical help to the sick and injured fellows to help them become capable again, and keep them stay healthy and strong.
  • Physical examinations are also carried out by traveling nurses so as to ensure the patients’ proper health as well as not to worry about going to the nearest public or government hospital.
  • Implement by doctors approval the most suitable treatment or medication for ailing patients in remote areas.
  • Nurses also checks emotional, social, and spiritual conditions of each remote patient to ensure that they will be given just the right treatment.
  • Nurses teach and counsel patients, as well as family members, and explain what they can expect during the recovery process.
  • Nurses provide health care teaching and counseling in the community.
  • Nurses are tasked to make observation, assessment, evaluation, and records of the progress and condition of the patient, and they have to communicate the condition of the patient to doctors as well as other members of the health care team.
  • Nurses help patients and families determine the best mix of health and social services – hospice, home care, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and others.
  • Designing and completing activities in relation to quality assurance for ensured and appropriate care
  • Helping patients with terminal illness to have a dignified death, and they help members of the family to cope up with the situation.

With the help of traveling nurses, everyone becomes fit and good for their daily chores again even if they miss the scheduled hospital day designed exactly for the locals. And even if you can’t visit hospitals because you’re just too busy at work or your business, you won’t be missing a most needed medical check up again.

On the side of the traveling nurses, they are also well compensated and even provided with additional incentives and hazard pays by doing what they love most, and that is giving care to many ailing people all through out their lives. In times that they are not able to go home, they are also provided with in-between travels dormitories and apartments where they can stop and take a break. Check out online providers for this type of career.

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The Best International Destination for Traveling Nurses

The shortage of nurses has greatly affected various hospitals and medical centers across the nation. Because of this, travel nursing is continuously becoming popular as a solution. Travel nursing puts nurses in touch with wherever they want to be. They can choose to help patients from the bustling cities to the rural towns. For nurses who are contemplating to travel, then maybe this is a favorable option. Or for nurses who are already burned up with the usual scenario in the hospital and wanted to earn more, travel nursing is a sure way.

Travel nursing basically involves taking short term positions anywhere where nurses are needed and usually, hospitals are willing to pay top dollar for the nurse’s service. The positions often last a month or a year and because of this, benefits like housing and other basic expenses are covered by the employer.

If you take pleasure in working in new environments and loves to travel for a cause, travel nursing career might just be the job for you. In this kind of job, once you do well, you may even turn a temporary position into a permanent one. But if you prefer being just a traveling nurse, then there are just huge opportunities that await you like having to experience international destination for traveling nurses.

As stated above, travel nursing is truly a great way to explore the world and still have the freedom and flexibility to work. Here is some of the top international destination for traveling nurses.

  • Hawaii – Of course this destination is no surprise. Nurses are lining up for an opportunity to work and play an important nursing role in this paradise. Hawaii offers beauteous beaches and outdoor opportunities, so no wonder it is on top of the list.
  • Alaska – Most travel nurse are intrigued by this place. Alaska is basically a huge wilderness with breathtaking sceneries. Huge travel nursing assignments are offered here. Whether you are willing to work in the winter darkness under the northern lights or the magnificent spring and summer where it’s daytime most of the time.
  • Montana – This state is famous for its scenic surroundings. River trips, camping and fishing, historic places, snowy mountain ranges, and waterfalls are what you will enjoy in this place. Travel nurse assignments here are huge and if you are among who want to break free from the city grind, this place is the ideal one.
  • Maine – The splendor of this place is simply irresistible. Travel nurses are offered with so many opportunities here. Aside from that, travel nurses are confronted with great adventure getaways like embarking on outdoor adventures such as skiing and snowmobiling or horseback riding or if they prefer the comfortable and fresh ambience of antiquing, strolling or horseback riding on miles of sandy beaches, Maine is truly a place to behold.
  • California – The humid weather and the famous beaches of California is what makes the place among the top international destination for traveling nurses. California is home to various wildlife parks, safe havens for endangered animals, and secluded wilderness. This only means that the place is unspoiled thus, a fresh environment is guaranteed.
  • Colorado – The world-class winter skiing and summer music festival offered by Colorado are just the two main reasons why traveling nurses prefer this place. Showcasing its spectacular seasons, the place is where travel nurses get to discover the state’s 18 million acre of state and national forest parks and monuments for biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing, and many others.
  • Arizona – If you just love the outdoors, then the Grand Canyon State of Arizona might just be the destination of your dreams. Most traveling nurses choose this place because of its charming landscapes and tall mountain ranges, swift rivers, and all natural sceneries.
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International Traveling Nurses: A Good Career Option

Travel nursing is a career choice that provides you the privilege to take short-term assignments across the country. If you are a licensed nurse who is contemplating to travel and gain financial success and stability, then becoming an international traveling nurses might just be the answer. Because nursing shortage is big, nurses are mostly in-demand.

Hospitals as well as many other medical facilities are paying top dollars for travel nurses for filling in positions even for short periods. Not just that, they also cover other expenses such as housing and other benefits.

The nursing position filled in by travel nurses usually lasts from 3 months to a year. This depends on the duration and distance from your home. But you can also customize your assignment duration depending on your needs. Because of this, employers often provide the basic needs of travel nurses.

Some international traveling nurses job are meant to last for just a short period where they fill in or temporarily replace a full-time nurse who has left and a replacement has not been found.

However, most hospitals try to encourage and recruit a travel nurse into a full-time job once they are happy with the performance and if the nurse is willing to take the position. This brings the traveling nurse into the driver’s seat where they can choose to work for a short term period with the possibility of making it as a permanent job.

So how can you find an international traveling nurses job position? Actually, there are various huge medical facilities that advertise directly for nurses. But the easiest way of getting a position is by signing up with a nursing recruiter.

There are many advantages with this kind of set-up like, you can narrow down your searches and get well-targeted options and a guaranteed minimum quality of living condition.

However, one drawback is that, most recruiters take good amount of fees; hence, you might get compensation which can be lower than what you actually earn. But this is often worth it since you get to find the best nursing career and the ideal place where you exactly want with a very little searching.

In terms of compensation, international traveling nurses may earn from around 10-15% more than the staff nurse. Not to mention other staggering benefits and incentives.

For many nurses, being a traveling nurse opens the opportunity to travel from other parts of the country and work to different working environments. This is a good expansion to one’s resume as the work experience is diverse. Above all that, a travel nurse has the power to choose his or her assignments.

This is a good advantage as you have the capacity to control the jobs and nursing positions you accept. Unlike a staff position where usually, you are not required to report to work everyday as per schedule unless you are on assignment. Whenever you are in between assignments, it is now your discretion whether you accept or decline. Also, as a travel nurse, lots of bonuses are offered once assignments are completed.

International traveling nurses opens up great opportunities in the field. For nurses who are good, intelligent, determined, has the passion for the job, and is not adverse to relocation, being a travel nurse is a sure success! This is a good way to further heighten your experience, serve people, and get to know other places of the country that you are not familiar with. But this type of career is not for everyone, only those who want to try different things and travel fits this job.

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The Advantages Offered by Travel Nursing Careers

If you are a nurse who is tired of hospital politics and is feeling in a rut of your career but wanted to earn more money, then why not try travel nursing careers? This may be just the ‘career cure’ you need. Being a travel nurse, you are given the opportunity to go wherever you want to be. From mountain areas to beaches and anywhere you may opt to, you are free to choose your desired locations where you can help patients in either busy cities or rural areas.

It is your own choice where you want to be! Just imagine a nursing career where you call the shots, deciding when and where you work. This will allow you to enjoy your nursing career to the fullest.

In travel nursing careers, you can return your focus on doing what you truly love, where at the same time you are gaining financial success, flexibility, and most of all freedom. You can escape from the common hustles and bustles in the hospital thus, you can even rediscover your nursing abilities.

But the question now is: how can you possibly do this? The answer is simple. There are various online travel nursing agencies that have the prime goal of helping interested nurses to get the job they want and at the same time travel to places they want to go.

There are countless options offered by different travel nursing agencies. All you have to do is skim through their sites, read on, know their showcased benefits and the guaranteed advantages, and compare each agency to the others. By simply doing so, you can surely find the best one that suits your criteria.

It is always a wise move to go to the most reputable travel nursing agency. Aside from the staggering high pay, lots of benefits are also offered. One of the most frequently asked questions about travel nursing careers is: “How’s the pay?” Well, this varies from different agencies or companies. But often, their offers are satisfactory that you’ll surely get lucrative with the competitive rates.

Basically, hourly wages depends on the facility that you are into and the region where you are located. However, you can expect to get about $22- 40 per hour, depending on your specialty. More than that, some companies also provides interested nurses a qualifying sign-on and completion bonuses in amounts ranging from $500-$5,000 or even more!

If you want to earn even more, you can refer a colleague to become a travelling nurse. Just imagine how much you can earn in travel nursing. There’s no reason not to shift careers from being a regular nurse in hospitals to becoming a successful travelling nurse – huge pay plus travelling advantages are guaranteed.

Some common benefits that can be enjoyed thru travel nursing careers are as follows:

  • Free Deluxe Corporate Housing
  • Free Health, Dental, Disability and Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Financial Success
  • On the Job Traveling
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Weekly Pay and Direct Deposit
  • Customized Compensation

More than the abovementioned benefits, nothing compares to the flexibility and freedom that you can experience from being a traveling nurse. Whatever your goals are, you have the power to achieve those goals and have the power over your financial future. So if you are a nurse that is interested in having a successful travel nursing careers, rush now to trusted travel nursing agencies or companies and find the best offers that suit you.

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