The Student’s Guide to Health

How Kids and Teens Can Keep Their Bodies Healthy

Good health is important for a happy life. When you have a healthy body, you can participate in fun activities like playing baseball, riding a bike, and swimming in the ocean. If you want to know how to keep your body healthy, you are in the right place. This page contains fascinating facts about the human body and a number of resources that will help you learn more about health.

One of the most important ways for kids to take care of their health is to practice good hygiene. We pick up germs by touching doorknobs, handrails, and other objects. It is important to wash these germs off of the hands before eating and drinking. Getting good nutrition is also important, as the body requires vitamins and minerals to function normally. Regular exercise is another good way to maintain good health. Playing tennis or walking the dog can help you stay fit and active.

Resisting peer pressure is also important for good health. When someone asks you to drink alcohol or take drugs, stand up to that person and say “no.” It is your body and you are responsible for making good decisions. No one else has a right to tell you what to do with your body. Alcohol and drugs cause serious effects, especially when consumed by children and teens. Alcohol and drug abuse can contribute to diseases and cause people to change their behavior.

Knowing how to avoid harm is also important. Do you know how to deal with strangers or stay safe online? How about getting out of a fire safely? Learning about important safety procedures can help you stay safe during natural disasters, fires, medical emergencies, and other scary situations. Having a positive attitude is also essential for a healthy life. Learning how to relieve stress is just one of the ways to keep a healthy mind.

Learn more about your health by following the links below.

Functions of the Body

Practicing Good Hygiene

Making Healthy Food Choices

  • Nutrition Expedition Games: This page has several fun games to help kids learn about nutrition and healthy food.
  • My Plate Match Game: This game is designed to help kids learn about the five food groups.
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating: This page lists the major food groups and explains how often you should eat each type of food.
  • Food Science: This resource offers information about the five food groups, drinking enough fluid, and improving your diet.
  • Food Activity Sheet (PDF): This activity sheet helps students ages 7 to 11 learn more about healthy foods.

Getting Fit and Healthy

Alcohol and Drugs

All About Health

Staying Safe

Good Mental Health

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