Ultimate List of Nursing Journals

Nursing journals are an excellent investment for the nursing student, nursing professional, hospitals, libraries, and academic institutes. As such writings are designed to focus on research and evidence based information, they offer a timely forum for presenting, reviewing, criticizing, and communicating about nursing issues. Nursing journals do include general publications of interest to all those working in the nursing field. A large number of publications are also designed to meet the needs of specific nursing specialties such as pediatrics. Generally, health care professionals and institutes utilize multiple journals; allowing professionals to remain informed and participate in developing standards of care, better understanding patient needs, and becoming more effective at their jobs. Health Research.

Comprehensive List of Nursing Journals

  • AAACN Viewpoint: The official newsletter of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing dispenses scholarly industry centric exploration on patient outcomes, geriatrics, reform, infection control, prevention, and professional development.
  • African Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health: With a focus on maternity issues and women’s health development specific to the continent of Africa, this publication is a first of its kind. Clinical articles, research, debate, and country specific information make this broad publication a vital resource for midwives.
  • AORN Journal: Perioperative nurses are dedicated to treating surgical patients at all treatment stages. This journal from the Association of perioperative Registered Nurses offers valuable articles and summaries related to clinical issues, patient safety, and research findings. 
  • Archives of Psychiatric Nursing: With an extensive focus area, this journal covers patient education, professional competency, and concerns of those at all levels in psychiatric nursing.
  • Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing: Study outcomes, comparisons of methods, and examinations identify areas in advance nursing that can benefit from improvements and modifications. 
  • British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing: Readers can peruse this scholarly publication for data on neurological conditions, surgery, and care.
  • Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America: Experts address issues of importance to those involved in clinical care nursing. Each issue of this quarterly publication covers one subject such as wound care, transplants, or liver failure.
  • European Journal of Oncology Nursing: Cancer inquiries and issues of importance to an international nursing audience are addressed in this journal.
  • Evidence-Based Nursing: If new research is relevant to nursing best practices it is likely to be covered in this quarterly journal.
  • Gastrointestinal Nursing: With a focus on helping nurses build their knowledge, this UK journal reports on gastroenterology through original research and analyses. Topics covered are stoma care, Crohn’s disease, constipation, and other gastroenterology health concerns.
  • Geriatric Nursing: Nurses working with older adults will find this professional publication invaluable. Some of the topics addressed by the journal have included sexuality, use of physical restraints, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute & Critical Care: Review papers keep heart failure nurses current on key care and policy issues.
  • Human Resources for Health: This journal offers free access online and serves to disseminate information on health workforce, which includes nurses, physicians, and other health care support workers. Work performance and increasing motivation and education are among the features included in the publication.
  • Infant: A bimonthly journal devoted to providing education to neonatal and infant nursing professionals. Case reports, product reviews, and conference information are also included.
  • International Emergency Nursing: A worldwide community of nurses and other professionals involved in emergency care read this journal. Perceptions, personal reflections, and experiences are presented alongside research papers.
  • International Journal of Nursing Knowledge: This well-respected journal has a broad international focus. Research, health policy issues, promoting clarity in the use of standardized nursing languages are all discussed within its peer-reviewed pages. 
  • International Journal of Nursing Studies: Authentic and scholarly, health care professionals will gain access to research and commentary covering highly relevant nursing studies issues such as workforce and caregiving.
  • International Journal of Orthopedic Trauma Nursing: Devoted to areas affecting orthopedic and trauma nursing professionals, this journal has literary reviews and a look at the impacts of screenings and educational programs on patient care and nursing practice.
  • International Nursing Review: Issues that touch nursing practice in a local area can be of importance to nurses on the other side of the globe. This journal addresses nursing advocacy, regulation, and community from a global standpoint.
  • Issues in Mental Health Nursing: Mental health nurses will find research based information related to nursing care on areas such as mental illnesses and coping skills for all ages of patients.
  • Journal of Addictions Nursing: Read professional commentary and all-inclusive research written by practicing nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in addictive disorders practice. Education and research reviews on alcoholism, nicotine, and drug dependencies have been covered in the journal.
  • Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care: Turn to this journal for research and news on all areas of HIV/AIDS knowledge essential to health care professionals. Technology issues, religion, medical treatments, intervention, and prevention strategies are just a few of the many coverage areas. 
  • Journal of Community Health Nursing: Community nurses provide care in nonhospital settings including schools and private home care. This journal addresses these nurses through looking at the barriers and issues faced by community nurses as well as expert advice for removing these hurdles. 
  • Journal of Emergency Nursing: Trauma and emergency nurses, as well as emergency department managers’, will find information and article on practical strategies, training, and the continually changing roles nurses’ play.
  • Journal of Neonatal Nursing: Published twice a month, this research centric journal serves to provide the latest information and educate those working with newborn infants and their families.
  • Journal of Neuroscience Nursing: This knowledge based periodical is popular among nurses and other medical professionals. Issues pertinent to diagnosis, treating, and caring for patients with various health concerns are addressed.
  • Journal of Pediatric Nursing: Matters related to infants, children, and their families are addressed through clinical and theory articles get attention in this periodical. 
  • Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing: This nursing specialty focuses on concerns associated with patients undergoing surgery and being sedated. Topics covered in the journal including managing patient pain and anxiety and perioperative and postoperative issues.
  • Journal of Professional Nursing: This journal explores professional nursing education, management, and policy.
  • Journal of Vascular Nursing: Look to this journal for academic treatment and disease information on vascular diseases such as aneurysms, deep vein thrombosis, and blood clots.
  • MEDSURG Nursing: Created for medical-surgical nurses, this scholarly journal addresses the challenges and advancements involved in improving patient care.
  • Neonatal Network® The Journal of Neonatal Nursing: Since 1981, this journal has been helping nurses and neonatal intensive care units stay informed on changes and current issues. 
  • Nursing Clinics of North America: A distinguished guest expert serves as the editor of each issue of this highly respected journal. Published 4 times a year and with online and print versions, subscribers get access to peer reviewed information on diagnostics, development, patient education, and competent care practices. 
  • Nursing Education Perspectives: Nurse educators will gain valuable information on teaching, motivating, and recruiting nurses to the profession through this evidence based journal.
  • Nursing Economics: Quality nursing care is often impacted by issues related to costs. A look at managerial perspectives and the impact of national health care policies and reforms gets attention in this journal for nursing leaders.
  • Nurse Education Today: This leading publication features peer reviewed research and scholarly work that underscore the global impact, diversity, and collaborative nature of nursing.
  • Nurse Leader: Nurses in leadership positions turn to this bimonthly journal for insightful knowledge vital to excellence in the field.  
  • Nursing Outlook: With issues released twice monthly, this journal addresses the latest trends, news, and challenges concerning nursing professionals. 
  • Nursing Standard: The most read nursing journal in the UK covers a gamut of material including career advice, disease assessment, book reviews, nursing student advice, and ethics.
  • Nursing Times: A UK magazine providing clinical articles and research improvements and innovations in treatment practices.
  • Oncology Nursing Forum: From the Oncology Nursing Society, this bimonthly journal has a reader base of over 35,000. Cancer nurses will find informative articles useful for education, practice, and quality care of cancer patients.
  • Open Nursing Journal: Published online, this journal concentrates on rapidly publishing the latest findings in nursing. Case studies and health care management are just two of subjects featured in this open access publication.
  • Pain Management Nursing: From the American Society for Pain Management Nursing, this publication presents professional standards, current research, and relevant issues faced by nurses.
  • Pediatric Nursing: Each issue of this child health care journal covers a range of topics important to the pediatric nursing specialty including ethical issues, commentary, and the latest in research findings.
  • Seminars in Oncology Nursing: A cancer nursing journal providing comprehensive coverage of the latest research and knowledge in cancer nursing.
  • Teaching & Learning in Nursing: Nursing is a career which is constantly experiencing rapid change. Those involved in associate degree training for nurses will find this publication a valuable resource for education and advocacy.
  • The Journal for Nurse Practitioners (JNP): A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who has earned a graduate level degree in nursing along with training and board certification in a specialty area. These nurses can function as a patient’s primary care provider, dispense medications, and make diagnoses. JNP offers these professionals an industry prominent source of information on policies and continuing education.
  • Urologic Nursing Journal: Urologic nurses turn to this journal to stay informed of the latest research developments. A free copy of the journal is available upon request. 
  • Western Journal of Nursing Research: Keeping up with the latest changes in nursing study, theory, emerging technologies, and standards of care is not an easy task. Clinical research reports published by this international periodical are of interests to current nurses, students and researchers.  
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